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XT - central suspension

XT - central suspension

Clean fodder and turf protection

  • stepless regulation of cutting height (from 4,5 cm to 7 cm)
  • use of topping plates possible (increases cutting height to 6 cm - 9 cm) or double topping plates (increases cutting height to 8 cm - 12 cm)
  • high level of ground following: + / - 32°
  • Customer friendly use

  • automatic locking for headlands
  • hydraulic lifting to headlands and transport
  • adjustable lower hitch pins for easier attachment with different types of tractors
  • KENNFIX hydraulic connector
  • smooth regulation of hudropneumatic pressure relief controlled by the steering panel from tractor’s cabin in standard equipment
  • 125° transport position
  • parking of the machine in transport position possible thanks to 4 support legs
  • storing space saved
Tobin & Cantwell
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