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Standard Tankers

Standard Tankers


The Standard range of Vacuum Tanks comes in 5 models ranging from 1100 gallons (5000 litres) to 2100 gallons (9500 litres). They are mounted on a rigid drawbar in a simple robust design and assembled using top quality components. As standard they are finished with high quality 2 pack Polyurethane paint and oven baked but can also be galvanized.


Standard features include:

  • 8000 litre Battioni pump
  • Secondary trap to protect the pump
  • Anti-enclosure rings internally for strength
  • LED lighting
  • Brakes
  • 4 filling points (1 complete with quick attach)
  • 4.6 metre suction hose
  • 51cm rear door
Tobin & Cantwell
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