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Pressure Tankers

Pressure Tankers


The Conor range of Pressure Tankers are strong and robust and built to last. They come in a large range of sizes from 1100 gallon (5000 litres) up to 5000 gallon (23000 litres). They are filled through a 30cm x 30cm opening at the top and emptied using the Elba 6500 centrifugal pump and they come with a stone trap fitted behind the pump as standard. As standard they are finished with high quality 2 pack polyurethane paint and oven baked but can also be galvanized.


Standard features include:

  • Elba 6500 Battioni pump
  • LED lighting
  • Brakes
  • 51cm rear door
  • Stone trap behind the pump
Tobin & Cantwell
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