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Optum CVXDrive

3 MODELS FROM 250 TO 300 HP.
This range is powerful, compact and highly manoeuvrable with excellent power-to-weight-ratio. With it‘s stunning new design and eye catching signature lighting this tractor will handle any given task with maximum performance, efficiency and reliability.


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Optum CVXDrive models feature Headland Management Control II, which is designed to assist the driver when turning at the headland. Each step can be programmed either by time or distance travelled. In addition, certain triggers for various other automated functions can be set, such as lowering the engine speed after lifting the implement. A headland sequence can be taken while driving or programmed on the stand. Playback of the headland sequence can be automatically or manually run. With ISOBUS III it is possible for the implement to control the Optum CVXDrive. The tractor will automatically adjust forward speed, steering (option), hitch position and PTO speed, as well as operating remote valves depending on the implement.


The new Case IH Advanced Trailer Brake System represents a major advance in tractor safety and can now be specified as an option on Optum CVXDrive models. Its benefits are not confined to haulage situations on roads where conditions provide very low grip, such as snow and ice. The Advanced Trailer Brake System is also a significant advantage on wet roads and under field conditions when working on gradients, turning, or reducing speed.


The continuously variable transmission on Optum CVXDrive – simply the best of working. With seamless range changes between zero and top speed, integrated creeper and just 1,600 revs at 50 km/h, the CVXDrive transmission also features Active Hold Control so you can stop and start on hills without using the clutch or brakes.


Experience the supreme level of comfort offered by the Optum CVXDrive. Not only is it easy to use but it also looks great and is a joy to drive. The front axle provides two damping cylinders with 110 mm travel and is saddle mounted to the engine sump. An adaptive control logic is used to ensure high performance, comfort and stability.

Optum CVXDrive
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